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Industrial Diverter Steam Valves

3-Way DD Series 5, 1/2” – 4”

IMI PBM’s 3, 4 and 5-Way Multi-Port Valves are true multi-port valves with seals at every port. This design makes the multi-port ideal for flow switching operations. In some applications, this valve can replace as many as four ordinary 2-way valves, with corresponding savings in piping and fittings.

  • Unique Adjust-O-Seal® feature allows in-line valve adjustment to compensate for normal wear on valve seats.
  • DD Series valves have o-rings.
  • Integral side-entry or bottom entry common port. Seats shall provide both upstream and downstream bubble-tight seal and be adjustable for inline wear.
  • A single Diverter valve can replace two or three 2-Way valves to reduce cost and space.
  • Full-port diameters minimize pressure drops (1/2 – 4”).
  • Stem assembly accommodates IMI PBM Direct Mount Actuation for accurate alignment and increased cycling life.
  • A Diverter Port ball valve an be an economical alternative to a 3-Way Multi-port valve depending on the sealing requirements.
  • Valves are rated to full vacuum.
  • Specify IMI PBM flow pattern.
  • Using a welded connection on the common port of a DP valve may complicate maintenance.

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