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Unlocking higher productivity, safety, and profitability. Success in critical flow control systems for EPCs and operators.

Steve Freitas to share expertise on additive manufacturing

Join Steve Freitas on November 2 in Washington D.C. for insights into integration, challenges, and growth in this vital sector.

A day in the life of… the IMI PBM team

IMI PBM’s engineers ensure quality assurance, accuracy, and exceptional performance in delivering reliable valve technology worldwide.

Our Brands

IMI Critical’s diverse range of specialised product brands offers tailored solutions, innovation, and global support across industries.


A global leader in valve manufacturing for iron/steel, petrochemical, and refining industries, offering specialised high-temperature valves.


Leading the transition to cleaner hydrogen. Unlocking the value chain, powering mobility, replacing natural gas, turnkey solutions.

IMI Truflo Rona

Manufacturer of specialised valves for oil and gas, petrochemical, and LNG industries. Custom solutions, after-sales support.

IMI Truflo Marine

Innovative flow control solutions for the naval marine sector. Reliable valves, actuators & pressure-reducing stations. Trusted globally.

IMI Truflo Italy

Leading valve manufacturer for oil, gas, petrochemical, and LNG markets. Full range of valves, in-house testing for reliability.

IMI Thompson Valves

Manufacturer of high-integrity solenoid valves & pressure regulators for critical applications in demanding industrial & defence sectors.