Asset Monitoring

Real-time reporting on your systems

A self-contained software solution that communicates with intelligent sensors via long-range wireless technology.

Man on oil platform uses analytics to measure performance, monitor operations, detect anomalies, and optimize efficiency, safety, and profitability.

Streamlined asset monitoring via wireless technology

Our asset monitoring solution is a self-contained software solution that communicates to intelligent sensors via long range wireless technology such as LoRaWAN.   The cloud-based dashboard provides an overview of performance for all monitored equipment and sends real time alerts when changes in performance are detected, anytime, anywhere any device.

Asset monitoring sensors utilise LoRaWAN communications, fitting into an existing network or supplied at part of a complete IMI Critical solution.  This flexible approach is ideal to scale at pace or for large deployment, One gateway can service 100’s of STM sensors with distances up to 1.6Km.  The LoRaWAN network server provides 128bit encryption from field to cloud and manages all devices. This ensures only devices registered on the network sever connect through to the application.

Enhance operational safety with our reliable actuators for biofuel storage tanks in coal-fired power plants.

Key features of asset monitoring solutions

  • Independent from DCS

  • Continuously monitors asset condition.

  • Secure cloud-based dashboard.

  • On Premise solution available on request.

  • Secure login

  • Intelligent alerts to aid maintenance and reduce costs.

  • One application to monitor,

    • Steam traps

    • Actuated isolation valves (Coming soon)

    • SRV events and leakage (Coming soon)

IMI's STM-10 sensor: High-temp tech for efficient steam-trap management in industrial processes.

Steam trap monitoring

A wireless steam trap monitoring system, such as IMI’s STM-10, can save costs, time, and the environment by preventing steam leakage in industrial plants. Steam trap leakage leads to unplanned shutdowns, waste, and CO² emissions, resulting in higher operational costs. IMI’s solution utilizes intelligent sensors powered by steam pipe heat, offering quick installation, cost reduction, predictive maintenance, and efficient data sharing. This digital solution aligns with environmental regulations, ensuring compliance and energy efficiency in a rapidly changing industry.