Large valves designed for extreme heat

Established in 1877, we are a world-leading provider of bespoke valves for the iron and steel, petrochemical and refining industries.



IMI Z&J valves lined up in a facility, awaiting completion for deployment.

World leading solutions

With extensive experience working closely with refiners, plant operators and technology licensors, we are experts in developing high-quality, specialised valves. At IMI Z&J, we specialise in large valves used in high-temperature environments with a high frequency of operation.

A gleaming petrochemical plant on a clear day, with silver tanks and chimneys, where isolation valves silently ensure safety and operational integrity.

Focussing on providing the best products for our key industries

Workers install a massive 60-ton IMI Z&J valve at an industrial site, requiring careful coordination and heavy equipment.

Petrochemical and refinery

To meet the harsh operational demands of the petrochemical industry, our expert engineers develop advanced technologies that improve performance and reduce long-term operating costs. We manufacture a range of inlet, outlet and isolation valves for the dehydrogenation process and high-performance isolation valves for ISOSIV / TIP units.

A reliable gate valve, enabling smooth and secure shut-off in iron and steel processing, safeguarding against leaks and ensuring operational safety.

Iron and steel

We have been designing and producing bespoke flow control technology for the iron and steel industry for over 100 years. The key products in our portfolio include hot blast valves able to withstand temperatures of 1650°C, shut-off, pressure and flow control valves, and intelligent solutions for blast furnaces such as the p-matriX 3D level measurement system.

Key Technologies

Wedge-within-wedge gate valves

Introduced to the market by IMI Z&J, we design wedge-within-wedge gate valves that deliver reliable, first-class performance in extreme operating conditions, characterised by high temperatures and pressures, line stresses and a high frequency of operation.

Key Technologies

Fully automatic and safe fractionator isolation valves

IMI Z&J’s double disc through conduit gate valves comprise the very latest technology and have been specifically designed to handle abrasive media under high temperatures. Sizes range from 6” to 100”, and seals are protected in both open and closed positions from erosion.

Key Technologies

Fully automatic ‘man safe’ isolating goggle valves

With horizontal, vertical and inclined pipe installation options available, our isolating goggle valves are designed and manufactured for operation in high-temperature operational environments with temperature fluctuations.

Key Technologies

Automatic coke drum unheading

Our large-diameter valves are widely used in refining and petrochemical applications such as fluidised catalytic cracking, ethylene and delayed coking worldwide. Their two independent discs ensure limited thermal distortion, less steam and erosion, providing true double block and purge performance.

IMI Critical support team: Expert professionals in critical engineering solutions, providing exceptional service and minimising downtime.

Aftersales support

Providing fast, onsite field service complete with our own portable equipment, containers and specialised tooling is a real priority for us. We are well equipped to service all types of special valves and various drive systems. Lastly, we cover the servicing of blast furnace facilities, oil refineries, chemical plants and float glass units around the world, 24/7.