IMI Remosa

Petrochemical and refinery valve experts

High-quality valves and hydraulic actuation technology for critical applications in the petrochemical sector.



World leading solutions

Established in 1955 IMI Remosa has become a world leader in valve and actuation solutions for refineries and petrochemical plants across the world. The unmatched performance and outstanding reliability of our technology have made us the trusted partner for process licensors and plant operators globally.

An image of two refinery engineers discussing the operation of a safety valve used to protect against excess pressure buildup

Downstream refining

Our high-quality control and shut-off valves are designed specifically for the fluid catalytic cracking process and the expander power recovery train. We design our technology to function optimally even in the most demanding of process conditions where temperatures reach up to 980°C.

A robust, shiny metal ammonia storage tank with pipes and equipment is used in the petrochemical refinery for high-pressure iron storage.

High temperature and erosive applications

For use in high-temperature and erosive applications, our engineering experts have developed an integrated package of bespoke valve, actuator and hydraulic power control unit technology to meet all customer needs.

Key Technologies

Isolation valves

IMI Remosa butterfly, check, gate, shut-off and slide valves are recognised for their high performance and reliability, as well as for being easy to maintain. We ensure that all components at risk of erosion can be replaced easily using the best available materials, such as high-end alloys, to protect them from the harshest environments.

Key Technologies

Hydraulic control systems and actuators

We’ve integrated our actuators and control systems with our valves to offer a top-notch control solution. Our hydraulic power and control unit actuators are customisable, reliable, and user-friendly. Our control systems can be safely installed remotely or directly on the HPCU, meeting hazardous area regulations.

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Aftersales support

At IMI Remosa we have been providing field support for refineries and petrochemical plants for over sixty years. With our proven experience we can provide outstanding engineering consultation services, as well as retrofitting and repair work for any valve type installed in FCC units and expander power recovery units.  We offer an immediate, complete field repair service anywhere in the world, and are able to carry out valve repairs without any need to remove the valve from operation.