Ball valves for continuous processes

At our plant in Irwin, Pennsylvania we manufacture ball and speciality valves for the industrial, marine and sanitary applications markets.



A knowledgeable woman confidently poses next to paint manufacturing valves, showcasing expertise and understanding of their vital role

World leading solutions

Founded in 1899 IMI PBM has the experience and know-how to meet the most demanding application requirements. Our innovative engineering and high-quality manufacturing operation produce valves that provide excellent value and reliability. With an installed base of 750,000 valves worldwide, we provide you with world-leading valve performance and fewer process interruptions.

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For industries that need interruption free processes

IMI PBM engineers in intense discussions, combining expertise and creativity, shaping the design of an innovative valve product for fine chemical manufacturing.

Sanitary environments

Our valves are widely used in the food and beverage industry as well as the cosmetics, biotech and pharmaceutical sectors. Fully customisable, radial diaphragm, tank, pinch, clean steam, sampling, check, multi-port and two-way valves provide clean and consistent process control across a range of sanitary applications. We offer clean-in-place technology that enables valve body cavities to be cleaned rapidly with no process interruption.

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To perform efficiently and reliably in the marine industry, valve technology must be robust and hard-wearing. IMI PBM multi-port, diverter port, cryogenic and tank valves are tested under the most gruelling conditions and manufactured in a range of materials to withstand the harshest corrosion environments on earth. We also provide fire-safe technology for additional reliable protection.

Diaphragm valves provide precise regulation of flow, enhancing precision and accuracy in fine and specialty chemical processing.

Fine chemicals and paint

Our multi-port, tank, two-way, spray ball and self-cleaning valves are widely used in the paints, resins and adhesives manufacturing industries for ideal process flow isolation and the control of fine chemicals. The valve technology helps eliminate product contamination, facilitates clean sampling, prevents clogging and reduces application downtime.

Key Technologies


Fabflex® pipe and valve configurations are specifically designed as space-saving solutions for special applications in the biotech, semiconductor, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and food industries. The entire manifold assembly along with each valve is tested comprehensively prior to leaving our factory, reducing any need for lengthy onsite testing.

Key Technologies


Ingenix® sanitary valves have been developed for the cosmetics, fragrances, nutritional and detergent processing sectors. The Ingenix® line minimises contamination, solves clogging problems, reduces downtime and produces high-quality products in compliance with sanitary regulations.

Engineers in IMI Critical's Growth Hub program gather in a vibrant meeting, exchanging ideas for new innovations and fostering collaboration.

Aftersales support

Our dedicated global aftersales support team is made up of expert technicians. They ensure that our installed valves are fully and efficiently maintained, all issues are resolved quickly and that plants are optimised at all times.