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IMI VIVO Electrolyser – creating green hydrogen

IMI Critical expands into green hydrogen market with IMI VIVO Electrolyser

With hydrogen expected to play a key role in the energy transition, growing from 2% to 18% of the energy mix by 2050, IMI Critical Engineering is expanding its portfolios and solutions across the hydrogen value chain. At the heart of its portfolio is the IMI VIVO Electrolyser, which transforms water into hydrogen using renewable electricity – thus creating green hydrogen. It is a turnkey solution – a complete, packaged solution for producing green hydrogen that includes the electrolyser and storage system.

IMI VIVO is the brand name of IMI’s hydrogen and green technology portfolio.

Benefits of the IMI VIVO Electrolyser:

  • Turnkey design offers a complete package solution including electrolyser and storage system
  • Using renewables – solar, wind, geothermal – as the energy source creates green hydrogen
  • Customisable to customer specifications and local regulations
  • A fuel cell can also be added by customer request
  • System design according to ISO22734

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