High-performance and long-lasting valves

Reliable gate valves enable smooth and secure shut-off in iron and steel processing, safeguarding against leaks and ensuring operational safety

Unleashing reliability and performance

As leaders in valve solutions for the iron and steel industry, we understand your need for plant reliability, high yields, low running costs, and employee safety. Our range of valves, including Hot Blast Valves, Goggle valves, air isolation and regulation valves, and those designed for hot and toxic gas applications, are engineered to handle extreme conditions and toxic media with high dust content.

Skilled worker inspects control valve at IMI Critical facility in Kobe, ensuring precision and safety.

Market leading solutions

Experience enhanced plant reliability, optimal yields, and lower operating costs with our precision-engineered valves. Our commitment to safety ensures a protected working environment, while our tailored solutions address your unique challenges. Trust IMI Critical Engineering to deliver superior quality and help you maintain a competitive edge in the global market.

Workers in a refinery inspecting gate valves, essential for controlling the flow of oil and other fluids in the refining process.

Global support

IMI Critical Engineering’s dedicated team of over 2,900 experts is committed to delivering precision-engineered flow control solutions, expert installation, and lifetime servicing, with a deep understanding of the entire process enabling us to provide tailored solutions that ensure unparalleled reliability and performance. With manufacturing facilities in 12 countries and a global service network, we are dedicated to providing you with exceptional reliability and performance.