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Valve Doctors™ – The key to Breakthrough Engineering

Find out why our Valve Doctors™ are the key to breakthrough engineering for a better world and how they support our customers with complex…

Turbine bypass valve replacement at power plant

IMI CCI replaced competitor’s eroded valves in a Middle Eastern power plant. Their solution improved controllability, eliminated trips, and reduced maintenance.

Valve erosion issue solved on offshore gas platform in Asia

We helped an offshore gas platform in Asia cut down on costs by solving valve erosion issue & prolonging the lifespan of the valves.

Steam flashing tech will cut valve erosion

Angle and globe valves stand to significantly increase service life and alleviate costly erosion issues with new steam flashing technology.

Valve Doctor® celebrates 20th anniversary

Valve Doctor® program by IMI Critical was founded in 1999 to connect technical experts with customers to address challenging engineering problems.

New layout design for HIPPS installation

IMI Critical’s Valve Doctors created a cost-efficient new layout design for a HIPPS installation without compromising on material quality.

Spray control solution at thermal power plant in India

Our Valve Doctors® fixed underperforming competitor valves in a turbine bypass at a coal thermal power plant resulting in optimum performance.


Unlocking higher productivity, safety, and profitability. Success in critical flow control systems for EPCs and operators.

Service Support

For a fixed monthly fee, which covers all parts, field service, and repairs, we take complete responsibility for the designated valves and actuators.

Design & Installation

Early engagement with IMI Critical helps EPCs and operators select suitable valve components for their operating needs during commissioning.