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Actuation is a key component to ensure valves in the most critical applications operate when required, as required, and in industry-leading speed and response.

Our linear actuators are designed to drive control valves in the most demanding applications in power, and oil and gas industries such as turbine bypass and anti-surge valves on LNG plants. Fast stroking, repeatability and reliability are a must and our actuators are known for their superior performance.

IMI STI’s long experience and know-how have been used to develop a range of quarter-turn hydraulic and pneumatic actuators. They are designed for the most hostile environments suitable for all onshore and offshore applications for on-off and modulating control valves.

Advanced software and diagnostic capabilities ensure our actuators are tailored to your plant’s specific requirements.

Our expertise in the petrochemical sectors, especially FCC and turboexpanders, means IMI Remosa design, manufacture and program hydraulic power control units and actuators for valves in refining and petrochemical processes ensuring safety and responsiveness for efficient operation and reliability.​

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