Meeting demanding nuclear valve requirements

More than 60 years’ experience of designing advanced valve technologies for next generation nuclear power reactors.



Skilled worker inspects control valve at IMI Critical facility in Kobe, ensuring precision and safety.

Industry leading solutions

From our Canadian base, we have developed an extensive range of product designs for CANDU nuclear reactors across the world. Since 2016 our products have been manufactured by IMI Bopp and Reuther who have supplied high quality valves for the nuclear power sector for over 50 years.

Our nuclear valves are used in 100+ global nuclear facilities for PWR, BWR, CANDU reactors, waste management, and decommissioning. Our technology meets ASME III and RCC-M nuclear class 1-3 design rules, with a trusted reputation for quality and reliability

Nuclear expertise

Isolation of potentially lethal media is crucial in pressurised heavy water, pressurised water, gas cooled and boiling water nuclear reactors. Our valves can be found in critical nuclear applications like emergency water cooling, primary heat transfer systems and fuelling machines. Robustly designed, our valve technology has a service life of 40 years and is manufactured in accordance with the ASME III nuclear code.

Key Technologies

Bellows sealed globe valves

The bellows sealed globe valve is a true hermetic valve that comprises internal bellows and seal welds on all external joints that prevent any release of harmful chemicals. Manufactured with Inconel 625 alloy the bellows feature a multi-ply, welded seam construction designed for longer service life and shorted maintenance time.

Key Technologies

Three-piece ball valves

Its three-piece design means that any part of the valve can be maintained without any need to remove it fully from the line. It has a polished ball that provides tight shut-off while the floating ball preloads the valve seat. Line pressure provides the force required to create a bubble-tight shut-off at all pressure levels.

Czech team make sure valve is tested and perfect for despatch

Aftersales support

Our dedicated expert service team provides field service, spare parts, repairs and upgrades as well as long-term service contracts. With over 200 highly trained global service technicians we can ensure that onsite processes run efficiently and safely, 24/7.