Enhance your valve’s performance

Introducing Retrofit3D

Retrofit3D offers a cost-effective solution for improving the performance of your control valves without the need for a complete replacement. Our engineered trim solution is customised to fit your specific application and process, seamlessly integrating into the existing valve body without requiring changes to the body or top works.

Our design principles are based on DRAG® technology, which directs fluid through a multi-stage, multi-path trim to reduce differential pressure incrementally, limit velocity head, and eliminate issues such as erosion, vibration, and noise.

Upgrade valve performance without a major outage

Reduced installation time and costs

By implementing Retrofit3D, the cost of valve installation can be significantly reduced as many of the components involved in installation, such as engineering, pipe cutting, welding, pressure testing, and QA are eliminated. This means that you can save time and money by avoiding the need to replace the entire valve and undergoing a lengthy installation process. Instead, the engineered trim solution can be customised to each specific application and process and easily fitted into the existing valve body without the need for additional installation costs.

A metallic spiderweb of pipes emitting steam from a combined heat and power plant, showcasing the role of control valves in regulating the flow of steam

Lower downtime and cost of ownership

Experience swift installation without any need for pipe cutting or rewelding. Our streamlined process ensures that you’ll be up and running within a matter of hours. But that’s not all. By opting for our innovative solution, you’ll also enjoy reduced maintenance requirements and enhanced efficiency, thanks to the remarkable trim performance it delivers.