Service Support

Maximise reliability & performance

Our lifecycle maintenance programmes provide peace of mind for the reliable and high-performance operation of your valves and actuators throughout the lifecycle of your plant.



Focused man wearing safety gear inspects a safety valve at IMI Bopp & Reuther, a German industrial company.

Experience peace of mind

With a predictable cost and access to our highly trained and experienced field service teams, state-of-the-art repair centres, and the latest valve technologies, you can rest assured that your operations are in good hands.

Our world-renowned Valve Doctors™ are also available to provide expert support, drawing on their product, application, and process expertise. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help optimise the performance of your critical assets.

An LTSA can assure operators of the quality and reliability of their servicing

Field services

Quickly troubleshoot your flow control issues with IMI Critical Engineering’s expert field service team. With over 200 highly trained field service engineers, 15 manufacturing plants, and 6 strategically located repair centers around the world, our team is always available to provide assistance.

Our technicians have access to original factory drawings and specifications, and are trained to conduct critical dimension analysis to accurately identify valve problems. Once the issue has been identified, our field service team will carry out any necessary repairs, and replace or upgrade components to get your system back up and running smoothly.

Long Term Pricing Agreeements give the customer peace of mind

Service agreements

IMI Critical Engineering provides reliable valve and actuator servicing through our Long Term Pricing Agreements and Long Term Service Agreements. These services reduce delivery time for replacement parts, while guaranteeing quality maintenance and repair for your valves and actuators, all at fixed rates.

This ensures reliable operation of your flow control systems, minimising downtime and maximising productivity.

Maximising valve reliability and performance

Asset Management

IMI Critical Engineering’s Asset Management program is designed to provide a worry-free maintenance experience. By entrusting the maintenance of your installed base to us, you can focus on your core business while we take care of the rest. Our program covers all aspects of valve and actuator maintenance, from parts procurement to field service and repairs.

With our Asset Management program, you can also benefit from fixed monthly fees that cover all aspects of valve and actuator maintenance. This means that you can budget and plan for maintenance expenses with ease, without having to worry about unexpected costs.

Workers in a refinery inspecting gate valves, essential for controlling the flow of oil and other fluids in the refining process.

Preventative maintenance

IMI Critical Engineering’s Preventative Maintenance Program provides a comprehensive solution to ensure optimal performance and longevity of valve assets. Through regular inspections, routine maintenance, and recommended spare parts, you can prevent issues and minimise unexpected outages, promoting clean, safe, and efficient plant performance.

To aid in managing their valve assets effectively, IMI Critical offers a three-day training workshop. This workshop includes a detailed review of the original project, flow conditions, and valve design. Along with hands-on training that involves disassembling, inspecting, and reassembling equipment using original manuals. By implementing an effective preventative maintenance plan and investing in training, operators can extend the lifespan of their valve assets and reduce the total cost of ownership.

An IMI Critical field service engineer inspects components at a CCPP, ensuring the safe and efficient operation of critical equipment and systems

Planned outages

IMI Critical Engineering can support planned outages by offering expert engineers to evaluate the performance of your equipment, maintenance program, and spares inventory. Our team documents their assessment in a comprehensive report, detailing the live performance of the equipment, the adequacy of routine maintenance practices, and the sufficiency and storage of spares inventory.

This report also includes recommendations for equipment maintenance, repairs, upgrades, and spares to be kept in stock. By taking advantage of this service, you can identify areas for improvement and make necessary adjustments to enhance your overall operational efficiency, reducing the likelihood of unplanned outages and improving their bottom line.