Unlock efficiency and reliability with IMI Critical’s valve solutions

In a highly sanitized environment, a diligent worker in protective attire can be seen operating pharmaceutical equipment within a pharmacy industry factory

Efficiency and cleanliness

In the sanitary industry, ensuring the safety and reliability of products for human consumption or contact with the skin is a critical challenge. IMI Critical offers a solution with their purpose-designed valves. These valves are rigorously tested to excel in various sanitary and clean steam applications.

Our valves provide uncompromising safety, reliable performance, and easy drainability and cleanability. You can trust us to maintain the integrity of your processes and minimise downtime.

This image depicts a pharmaceutical industry factory, where a conveyor belt is carrying a multitude of pills

Pharmaceutical & Biotech

We support the biotech industry with sterile environments, batch fermenting, and safe ingredient processing. Our high-spec valves enable mass production of medicines, vaccines, and vitamins. Our unique technologies ensure compliance with FDA, USP Class VI, and ASME BPE standards.

Brewing equipment neatly arranged with a large window in the background, creating a bright and inviting atmosphere

Food and Beverage

Boost your production scale and ensure top-notch quality with IMI PBM. Our valves maintain process control, enable thorough cleaning, and prevent contamination. FDA and USP Class VI compliant.

A worker in the cosmetics industry selects a bottle of liquid soap from a neatly arranged row on a fabric production line.

Personal Care and Cosmetics

From cosmetics, perfume, and skincare to toothpaste, soaps, and detergents, our valves provide precise process control and clean-in-place capability. Optimise production time with our Fabflex Assembly and ensure FDA-compliant materials for safety. Tailored valve solutions that transform your product line.

A knowledgeable woman confidently poses next to paint manufacturing valves, showcasing expertise and understanding of their vital role

Global support

IMI Critical Engineering’s dedicated team of over 2,900 experts is committed to delivering precision-engineered flow control solutions, expert installation, and lifetime servicing, with a deep understanding of the entire process enabling us to provide tailored solutions that ensure unparalleled reliability and performance. With manufacturing facilities in 12 countries and a global service network, we are dedicated to providing you with exceptional reliability and performance.