Hydrogen Power

Innovative solutions for the hydrogen industry

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Accelerating the energy transition

At IMI Critical, we recognise the crucial role that hydrogen will play in decarbonising the global economy and understand the need for reliable and efficient valve solutions to cover the entire process from production to utilisation. Our comprehensive portfolio of solutions includes turnkey hydrogen electrolyser solutions, steam methane reforming, pressure swing absorption, and more.


Hydrogen plant relies on high-performance industrial valve solutions like pressure relief valves, safeguarding clean electricity production from solar and wind.

Driving innovation in Hydrogen

We are committed to providing innovative and reliable solutions in the hydrogen sector to tackle the most challenging industrial problems, such as improving efficiency of electrolysis and carbon capture and utilisation, effective storage and transportation of hydrogen, and better utilisation of hydrogen and ammonia as fuel for industrial heating, power, and transportation. By leveraging our technical expertise and delivering the highest quality products and services, we can help accelerate the growth of the hydrogen industry and support the transition to a low-carbon economy.

IMI VIVO Electrolyser produces green hydrogen with renewable electricity. It's a fully-integrated package with electrolyser, fuel cell, and storage.

IMI VIVO Electrolyser

The IMI VIVO Electrolyser, transforms water into hydrogen using renewable electricity – thus creating green hydrogen. It is a ‘turnkey’ solution – a complete, packaged solution for producing green hydrogen that includes the electrolyser, fuel cell, and storage system.