Commercial Vessels

Performance valves for commercial vessels

From cruise liners to liquified natural gas (LNG) carriers, container ships to floating production storage and offloading facilities, our valves withstand aggressive marine corrosion.

Container ships, cranes, and logistics fuel the import-export business, connecting global trade and maritime transport.

Unleashing efficiency in marine operations

Our full range includes 2-Way, multi-port, diverter port, cryogenic, and tank valves, customised to your specific requirements. Regulate seawater, manage fresh, grey, and black water, isolate hulls and control fuel and air with confidence. 

Close-up of IMI Truflo Marine's double ball hull valves, precision-engineered for reliable flow control in marine applications

Flow control solutions

Our valves are extensively tested in-house, meeting relevant industry standards and codes. Partner with us for cutting-edge technology, unmatched expertise, and user satisfaction. Enhance the efficiency and profitability of your operations with IMI PBM and IMI Truflo Marine. Contact us now for the perfect valve solution for your commercial vessel.

Our Valve Doctors™ are IMI Critical’s top technical experts who can help our customers solve the most demanding engineering challenges.

Design services

Our expert support team is here to guide you through every step of the process, from initial design to final installation.

The IMI Critical engineer inspects power plant flow control systems for performance and safety, and recommends the best solutions for optimal efficiency.

Service support

Our maintenance programmes provide peace of mind for the reliable and high-performance operation of your valves and actuators throughout their lifecycle.