Process Industries

Leading provider of valves for process steam control

A knowledgeable woman confidently poses next to paint manufacturing valves, showcasing expertise and understanding of their vital role

Precision and reliability

We are the leading provider of valves for process steam control. Our valves ensure precise and reliable operation, optimising efficiency in various industries. In fine chemicals and paint sectors, our valves guarantee purity for high-quality products and smooth batch transitions. We also offer safety valves for critical processes operating under extreme conditions.

Chemical operative in coveralls fills massive silver tank at fine chemicals facility.

Fine Chemicals

Ensuring purity and cleanliness in fine chemical production with innovative valves like Flush Bottom Tank Outlet and Transmitter and Instrument Isolation valves. Reliable solutions for batch processing, draining, gauge calibration, and flushing.

Blue lacquer is produced by mixing purified lacquer resin with blue pigments and solvents, applying it to surfaces, and allowing it to dry and cure.


IMI PBM’s specialist valves ensure precise flow control, prevent contamination, and enhance efficiency in high-quality paint, resin, and adhesive production. Our custom-designed valves are perfect for automotive, domestic, and marine coatings, reducing downtime and improving overall plant performance.

Actuators and control valves play a vital role in paper and pulp mills, facilitating precise fluid regulation for consistent and high-quality output.

Paper and pulp

For over 90 years, IMI Critical Engineering has been the industry leader in precise steam control for pulp and paper production. Our tailored control valves and desuperheating solutions ensure efficient operations, prevent damage to finished products, and safeguard paper runs. Trust our expertise for reliable and accurate steam control.

Efficient cane industry factory produces high-quality sugar through a well-defined production line

Ethanol and sugar

Our valves play a vital role in controlling process steam for converting raw sugar into refined sugar, ethanol, and by-products. They offer excellent rangeability, ensuring accurate and stable steam pressure and temperature control in various operating conditions.

In valve manufacturing, lathes are used to shape the metal parts that make up the valve body, stem, and other components. The precision and accuracy of a lathe make it possible to create parts with tight tolerances and a high level of consistency, which is essential in the manufacturing of valves.

Global expertise and manufacturing

Our team of over 2,900 experts are committed to delivering precision-engineered flow control solutions, expert installation, and lifetime servicing, with a deep understanding of the entire process enabling us to provide tailored solutions that ensure unparalleled reliability and performance. With manufacturing facilities in 12 countries and a global service network, we are dedicated to providing you with exceptional reliability and performance.