IMI Truflo Rona

Safety, integrity and critical performance

At IMI Truflo Rona we are a world-leading designer and manufacturer of specialised valves for the oil and gas, petrochemical and liquid natural gas industries.



A large IMI Truflo Rona valve used in industrial applications for high-pressure and high-flow fluid control.

World leading solutions

Severe service applications require valve solutions to deliver excellent safety integrity and performance. We produce and install customised, highly engineered flow control solutions for the world’s most demanding operating environments. With expert engineers to provide best-in-class advice on even the most complex flow control issues.

A robust, shiny metal ammonia storage tank with pipes and equipment is used in the petrochemical refinery for high-pressure iron storage.

Our global industrial flow control reach

Man on oil platform uses analytics to measure performance, monitor operations, detect anomalies, and optimize efficiency, safety, and profitability.


Petrochemical processes include preparing terephthalic acid (PTA), ethylene, oxides, salts, polypropylene and chlorine to withstand extreme temperatures, high pressure, corrosion and erosion. The unique springless design of our valve technology make them particularly suitable for the most severe applications in the PTA sector.

The drilling rig is used to extract crude oil from underground reservoirs, which are typically located beneath the surface of the desert. Upstream Oil and Gas.

Oil and gas

Widely used for onshore and offshore applications in the oil and gas industry, our valves provide excellent performance where critical isolation and control of hydrocarbons is a key requirement. The reliability and robustness of our technology make them ideal for use in applications such as HIPPS, ESD, BDV, Riser and SSIV.

Butterfly valves regulate the flow of crude oil within the refinery's distillation tank, enhancing processing efficiency.

Liquid natural gas carriers and terminals

Terminals and ships in the liquified natural gas (LNG) and liquid propane gas (LPG) sectors worldwide, are equipped with our high-quality valves designed for continuous service and easy maintenance. We provide fully automated valves for ship-to-shore loading and unloading that require minimal manning and ensure excellent reliability at temperatures as low as -164 °C.

IMI Critical Engineering can optimize scheduled maintenance in modern combined cycle facilities as critical plant equipment manufacturers

High temperature and erosive applications

Our extensive range of ball, gate, globe and check valves can manage applications operating at exceedingly high temperatures of up to 850°C. Due to their high-performance metal-to-metal technology, they also manage processes handling slurries or abrasive powders safely and efficiently.

Key Technologies

Trunnion mounted C-Rex ball valves

The design for our C-Rex top entry ball valves is based on our proprietary double eccentric design that provides excellent performance in extreme applications. Their unique renewable seat can easily be removed for maintenance purposes, which makes them ideal for high-frequency operation applications.

Key Technologies

Trunnion mounted ball valves with wedge seated design

Our top entry trunnion mounted ball valves have self-adjusting seats, ensuring a secure seal in any operating condition. These valves adapt effortlessly to temperature, pressure, and wear, eliminating concerns over weak seat pockets. Designed for quick and convenient in-line service.

IMI Critical support team: Expert professionals in critical engineering solutions, providing exceptional service and minimising downtime.

Aftersales support

We supply high-quality valves for use in some of the world’s most demanding applications, and provide best-in-class after-sales support to ensure they remain at peak performance. A team of expert engineers is available around the clock to provide onsite support, troubleshooting and maintenance services.

Case Study

New layout design for HIPPS installation

IMI Critical’s Valve Doctors created a cost-efficient new layout design for a HIPPS installation without compromising on material quality.