IMI Orton

Isolation valves for major industries

Located in Italy, we are a world-leading manufacturer of customised valve technology for the oil and gas, LNG liquefaction and petrochemical industries.



World leading solutions

Since 1963 we have been designing customised valve solutions that ensure efficiency, reliability, and the highest safety standards in some of the world’s most extreme operating environments.

An offshore oil and gas company with a processing platform that extracts crude oil and gas, destined for onshore refineries.

Specialised flow control solutions for global industry challenges

Engineer oversees cryogenic testing of a large valve at IMI Orton, ensuring durability and performance in extreme conditions.

Oil and gas

IMI Orton’s valve technology has a proven track record of excellent long-term performance and reliability across on and offshore facilities that require tight shut-off isolation and modulating features.  Our high-quality products and engineering experts act as real partners to industries that operate in the world’s harshest environments.

Supporting LNG from gas production to distribution

LNG liquefaction plants and terminals

In the world of LNG liquefaction plants and regasification terminals, we stand out as the preferred choice. Our range of valve technology solutions, rigorously tested at our state-of-the-art facility, guarantees unmatched performance and reliability. Join the countless LNG facilities worldwide that trust us to power their operations.

A gleaming petrochemical plant on a clear day, with silver tanks and chimneys, where isolation valves silently ensure safety and operational integrity.


We provide a wide range of valve sizes from 2” to 120” to petrochemical facilities all over the world. Process licensed manufacturers frequently approve our technology solutions and install our valves to ensure world-class performance and straightforward maintenance.

dvanced facility harnessing seawater to produce potable water, employing cutting-edge technology and sustainable practices.

Desalination plants

Our solutions support the efficient and reliable operation of desalination plants. Key products with perfect sealing and modulating capabilities such as triple offset metal-seated valves, large diameter double-centric butterfly valves and concentric rubber-lined valves protect pumps in the desalination process area.

Key Technologies

Triple eccentric design

IMI Orton’s unique triple eccentric design eliminates friction, preventing wear, tear, and leakage. Our M-V series valve discs feature a laminated metal seal ring for improved long-term sealing and lower torques. For harsher, high-temperature environments, we offer a hardened, non-laminated seal ring.

In a high-tech lab, IMI Orton conducts a cryogenic test on their 88-inch isolation valve, chilling it to extreme temperatures for performance evaluation.

Testing facility

At our in-house, state-of-the-art testing facility we test the capabilities of valves up to 120” in size. Our facility can pressure test to ASME class 2500, and temperature test from cryogenic to high temperatures (-196°C to =700°C).

IMI Orton engineer carefully inspects technical drawings, for precise placement and functionality of isolation valves for engineering projects.

Aftersales support

Our dedicated global aftersales support team is made up of over 200 expert technicians. They provide field service, spare parts, repairs, upgrades and long-term service contracts to ensure that our customers’ processes function safely and efficiently, for the full life cycle of the facility.

Case Study

Fluid catalytic cracking solution in UAE

We reduced gas leakage for proper isolation of turbo expander in a mega oil refinery in UAE with new 86″ triple eccentric butterfly valve.