Quality and reliability in the toughest environments

Close-up of IMI Truflo Marine's double ball hull valves, precision-engineered for reliable flow control in marine applications

Leading the way in marine solutions

We are industry leading in the marine industry, conquering challenges like seawater corrosion, shocks, vibrations, and complex operational requirements. We provide innovative solutions, rigorous quality control, and extensive industry knowledge to drive progress. Our purpose-built products combat corrosive effects, withstand extreme shocks, and exceed industry standards for safe and efficient vessel operations.


IMI Thompson Valves provides durable fluid control and pressure reduction solutions, including regulators and sealed valves, with over 50 years of experience serving naval fleets

Naval Marine

IMI Critical supplies high-performance valves to navies worldwide. Their valves are custom-designed, extensively tested, and certified to industry standards. With over 50 years of expertise, they offer flexible designs for submarines and surface ships, incorporating advanced technology and vital for critical systems.

At the rear of the cruise ship, a serene view of the sea and its wake unfolds, offering tranquility and a sense of boundless exploration.

Commercial Marine

We offer high-performance valve systems for all types of commercial vessels. Our custom-designed valves, available in various materials, withstand tough operating conditions and corrosive marine environments. The valves serve multiple functions, including regulating water, fuel, and air, and undergo extensive in-house testing, meeting industry standards and codes.


Global Service

Our dedicated team of over 2,900 experts is committed to delivering precision-engineered flow control solutions, expert installation, and lifetime servicing, with a deep understanding of the entire process enabling us to provide tailored solutions that ensure unparalleled reliability and performance. With manufacturing facilities in 12 countries and a global service network, we are dedicated to providing you with exceptional reliability and performance.