IMI Fluid Kinetics

Established more than half a century ago

A world-leading supplier of noise reduction solutions to process industries worldwide.

The prescriptive engineering service identifies improvements needed to optimise plant performance, efficiency, and safety.

World leading solutions

We provide high-quality, reliable, engineered solutions that eliminate or limit noise in critical energy, and oil and gas production applications. The dedicated team of engineering experts develops and manufactures our technology for specific application requirements, focusing on delivering exceptional solutions for long service life.

An IMI Critical field service engineer inspects components at a CCPP, ensuring the safe and efficient operation of critical equipment and systems

Noise reduction solutions for power and oil & gas plants

Safety relief valves safeguard the coal power station's operations, ensuring pressure control and preventing potential system failures.

Power generation

More power plants are being built close to residential properties due to the ever-increasing demand for energy. We help manage these facilities’ noise levels by designing and producing specialised noise reduction solutions and optimising pumping to reduce vibration and cavitation.

Man on oil platform uses analytics to measure performance, monitor operations, detect anomalies, and optimize efficiency, safety, and profitability.

Oil and gas

Oil and gas plants manage not only external noise emissions but also noise exposure for their employees. At IMI Fluid Kinetics, we design and manufacture a range of noise reduction technology to protect all stakeholders, including dampeners and stabilisers that reduce hammer noise and vibrations.

Key Technologies


Steam vent and blowdown silencers manage the principal noise source in safety release systems, the open stack exit. Fitted with dissipative and reactive noise reduction technology, EVO silencers are either installed within the stack or at the stack outlet, intercepting noise before it can escape.

CTS silencers address the very high-frequency and…

Key technologies

Pulsation dampeners

All powered pumps generate at times severe pulsation. Our pulsation dampeners are specifically designed for piping and instrumentation downstream of positive displacement pumps and reduce pulsation by up to 70%

Key Technologies

Suction stabilisers

Suction stabilisers protect against cavitation and entrained gas problems while making up for pressure head and ensuring smooth pump operation.

Key technologies

Heat treatment services

We provide heat treatment services for gas and electrical ovens and induction heating systems.

A control valve is a device that regulates the flow of fluid, gas, or steam in a system by opening or closing in response to signals from a control system.

Aftersales support

Our dedicated expert service team provides field service, spare parts, repairs and upgrades as well as long-term service contracts. With over 200 highly trained global service technicians we can ensure that onsite processes run efficiently and safely, 24/7.