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We solve control valve problems™​

IMI CCI has been a leading provider of critical flow control technologies across the nuclear, power, oil and gas industries for over five decades. We have the design, manufacturing, commercial and after-service expertise to provide tailored valve solutions for extreme operating environments. We are able to deploy our bespoke engineering expertise to maximise system performance and customer profit.​

​​​Customers can also benefit from our Valve Doctor®​ programme. Valve Doctors® are our most experienced experts available to help prevent or cure valve problems for customers. IMI CCI Valve Doctors® have decades of practical experience, plus the latest technical training, to help customers minimise downtime and maximise productivity and profitability. ​​​​​

Fast Facts

  • Founded: 1961
  • Joined IMI: 1981
  • Installed base: 120,000
  • Employees: 2,000+
  • Location: Austria, Brazil, China, Czech Republic, Dubai, India, Italy, Japan, Korea, Singapore, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, UK, US

Critical Applications

Heat & Power
Oil & Gas

Drum, supercritical, ultra-supercritical, combined cycle and combined heat & power plants

We offer comprehensive, tried and tested solutions for steam conditioning, turbine bypass, feed water systems and many other critical to operation applications. We constantly strive to improve plant performance by addressing flow control issues like cavitation, erosion, noise and vibration.

IMI CCI engineer at work

Up, Mid and Downstream
Oil & Gas

The challenges of operating Oil & Gas facilities safely and efficiently are constantly growing as the processes, materials and legislative rules advance. These changes place a higher demand on equipment, in terms of reliability, efficiency and safety, which IMI CCI’s product range is well placed to meet.

IMI CCI engineer at work

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Our dedicated af​termarket service division has over 200 highly-trained field service technicians. The global team can provide field service, parts, repair, upgrades and long-term service contracts to ensure customer processes are functioning safely and at optimum efficiency for the life of the site.​