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We are passionate about solving customer and industry problems to help create a better world. It guides our thinking and inspires our work.

We have been experts in engineering since 1862 but we are always looking to the future – innovating to identify how our people, products and processes can respond to the impact of long-term global trends such as climate change, urbanisation, resource scarcity and an ageing population.

We create and grow great businesses. We attract and develop diverse, high performing teams. And we grow meaningful relationships with our customers and communities – because together we can create a better world.

Jackie Hu – Divisional Managing Director

Collaboration and Innovation

IMI Critical Engineering is part of IMI plc, a £1.8bn revenue global engineering business. With a wealth of experience in a range of fields, IMI Critical Engineering is a trailblazer in designing, manufacturing, and servicing highly specialised fluid control products. Our ambition doesn’t just extend to the sectors that we work in today; we are bringing our skills and expertise to the sectors of tomorrow. We are growing and investing in new technologies, bringing our passion and know how to partnerships within these new sectors.

Why work with IMI?
Partnering with IMI Critical
What we offer

We are proud to be industry leaders in what we do and want to create a better world for our people, our customers, and our communities.

IMI plc has:

  • a global team of over 11,000 people
  • three divisions; IMI Critical Engineering, IMI Hydronic Engineering and IMI Precision Engineering
  • 57 offices and factories in locations around the world
  • Over 1000 individual patents supporting a wide range of industries

Working with IMI Critical Engineering gives you access to the support and stability of a well-established brand, with the expertise to succeed. We have the experience to help scale and develop products that have been created to address today’s challenges.

Our products change industry perceptions of what is possible. In 1967, we invented the world’s first multi-stage control valve with DRAG® technology.

We have continued to push boundaries, continually creating new technologies such as the recent success of Retrofit3D, a unique engineered trim solution to replace obsolete valves.

This unique innovation is thanks to our expert team who we empower to experiment, with a dedicated innovation hub that supports the facilitation of new partnerships and collaborations with other companies.

Working with IMI Critical Engineering brings the benefits of a world-renowned engineering brand with the experience of developing new offerings. Our senior leadership team, sector leaders, and teams of dedicated employees are looking to partner with companies to co-create new ideas and emerging technologies that can change the world around us. We also offer the chance to scale up existing technologies, with the design and operational expertise of a global engineering company, and teams of talented specialists. We are ready to invest and bring companies into the IMI family, helping to nurture and grow them to their full potential.

Key Market Sectors

Find out more about the key market sectors we operate within and our dedicated sector leads working to support a range of businesses in that area.


IMI Critical Engineering is at the heart of of the hydrogen value chain, and we’re Hydrogen.Ready. Our control and isolation valve solutions cover the entire process including hydrogen production, storage, transportation, and utilisation. Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe, and perhaps the key to the worldwide energy transition from fossil fuels to a more sustainable future. We are committed to using our engineering heritage, technical expertise, spirit of innovation and industry understanding to make a positive contribution to unearthing the carbon reduction solutions the world needs.

Our exploration in this field currently includes:

  • Improving the efficiency of electrolysis
  • Utilising hydrogen and ammonia as fuel for industrial use and transportation
  • Exploring carbon capture and utilisation
  • Investigating how to effective and safely store and transport hydrogen with different carrier technologies

Richard Yu, Hydrogen Sector Leader

  • Richard has been with IMI since 2008 and has worked within the flow control industry since 2002
  • His management roles have included business development and interim managing director
  • Richard’s current role at IMI Critical Engineering is to drive the innovation in hydrogen value chain
  • He is passionate about finding new solutions to solve industrial challenges in hydrogen value chain together with all stakeholders

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One of IMI Critical Engineering’s strengths is identifying and working through a customer, industry, or society problem to reach highly engineered and elegant solutions. Our skills at developing revolutionary products for industries can be applied to the biotech and pharmaceutical sectors, thanks to our adaptable nature and wide range of transferable skills and experiences. We currently develop and manufacture innovative components and technology for the life-science industry. These specialist valves and components have been used extensively in biopharmaceutical manufacturing, as well as life-saving medical devices, and analytical and diagnostic instrumentation.

Our exploration and strategic expansion in this field currently includes:

  • Bringing our heritage as a global expert in solving customers’ technical problems to new pharmaceutical and life-science opportunities
  • Designing and manufacturing highly specified and IP protected sanitary flow control solutions, engineered to minimise contamination, prevent clogging problems, and substantially reduce production downtime
  • Creating products that are utilising clean-in-place technology and designed to allow the sampling of media, as well as saving space

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  • Continually striving to create safer, more efficient technology solutions to improve safety and efficiency within this highly regulated space
  • Creating a wide range of products and components such as manifolds for keyhole surgery or revolutionary respiratory flow control valves used in life-saving ventilators

Downstream Oil and Gas

IMI Critical Engineering has an established presence in the downstream oil and gas sector, with a range of transferable skills across a broad international network. Our current products in this area include valves for the most critical applications such as steam cracking, fluid catalytic cracking, delayed coking and the propane dehydrogenation process. We are experts in bringing diverse teams together to continually test and learn from new ideas and are ready to partner with entrepreneurs, start-ups, and others in this sector to create new alliances for the future.

Our exploration in this field currently includes:

  • Developing new spaces beyond valves in technologies that can help to bring a more sustainable future
  • Focus on areas such as decarbonisation, the energy transition and the circular economy – topics covered include carbon capture, battery storage, synthetic fuels or plastic recycling
  • Helping customers to scale through our strengths in customised production for industrial applications, engineer to order capabilities and complex project-based sales

Maximilian Wuelfing, Downstream (Oil and Gas) Sector Leader

  • Maximilian has been with IMI since 2004 and has a professional background in consulting and M&A
  • His experience lies within commercial business development, sales, and finance
  • Maximilian is focused on building diverse teams to find and solve relevant customer problems – developing our contribution to the energy transition and road to net zero
  • He is passionate about new technologies and industry disrupting innovations and ideas

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IMI Critical Engineering has a long history of providing solutions for ships and submarines. We have over 140,000 valves in service across 36 navies worldwide, including the Australian, Spanish, and British Navy. We lead the world in the design, manufacture, supply, and through-life support of high integrity valves and are looking to continue to solve new challenges faced in this industry. We’re now looking to the future and supporting the marine industry to become more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Our exploration in this field currently includes:

  • Finding new ways to address maritime decarbonisation
  • Studying the options for cleaner, lower carbon fuels
  • Investigating the processes of biofouling and corrosion, as biofouling can reduce a ship’s fuel efficiency by 20%

Rob Watson, Marine Sector Leader

  • Rob has been with IMI Critical Engineering since 1988, working for IMI Truflo Marine as Quality Manager and Technical Director
  • He has worked to build relationships with ship and submarine builders around the world, thanks to our reputation for high integrity products
  • Rob is passionate about the marine sector, having begun his career as a Marine Engineer Officer apprentice, working on ships carrying LPG around the world
  • His greatest achievement is going to sea on board a Walrus class submarine as a guest of the Dutch Navy, an incredibly rare feat for a civilian!

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Specialty chemicals

Specialty chemicals are essential for a wide variety of industrial sectors and are governed by strict
industrial codes and regulations. IMI Critical Engineering have experience and expertise of clean
room production and working with classified raw materials and components. We have a long
heritage of solving customers technical problems and the engineering skills to master extreme
conditions. We currently collaborate across diverse sectors of industry, including specialty chemicals,
to produce valves that are tailored to our customer’s needs.

Our exploration in this field currently includes:

  • At IMI Critical Engineering, we are experts in handling the extremes of pressure,
    temperature, and corrosion common in chemical production, but also sanitary solutions for
    industries that require processes to be free of any contamination
  • We have experience of aiding the production of industrial gases, such as oxygen, CO2, and hydrogen

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  • Our expertise also includes the production of semiconductors, phytochemicals, biochemical
    raw materials, as well as personal care manufacturing and projects involving nutraceuticals
  • We are currently seeking collaborations and partnerships that align to our core values and our purpose of Breakthrough Engineering for a Better World


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