Plant Performance

Spot failures before they occur

IMI Insyt is a comprehensive digital engineering service that utilises data-driven analytics to identify and prevent problems in your system, helping you avoid failures before they occur.



Partnering with IMI Critical Engineering provides stability and expertise for success

Introducing IMI Insyt

By detecting issues such as mis-operation, poor design, and inadequate maintenance, IMI Insyt improves plant safety and performance, providing peace of mind for you and increased safety for personnel. With IMI Insyt’s system-wide approach, you can also enjoy significant cost savings by avoiding unplanned shutdowns.

The prescriptive engineering service identifies improvements needed to optimise plant performance, efficiency, and safety.

Full system surveys

IMI Critical Engineering’s expert engineers conduct full system surveys to ensure your plant is operating at optimal performance. The sophisticated cloud-based system can be initiated remotely or on site, providing maximum flexibility for your operations.

The system conducts a comprehensive analysis of plant data, including steam flow, spray-water profiling, and thermal cycling performance. By utilising both data and physics-driven analysis, potential problems are identified, including operational issues such as control logic problems, structural integrity issues like cracking and leaks, and design faults such as incorrectly sized equipment that impairs performance.

Explore the benefits of IMI Insyt

  • Reduce costs and prevent unexpected shutdowns through early identification and resolution of potential issues.

  • Improve maintenance planning and scheduling for optimal use of resources and reduction of downtime.

  • Avoid catastrophic failures and save time and money while maximising your return on investment.

  • Optimise plant performance, reliability, and safety through the use of data-driven analytics and expert engineering solutions.

A gas power plant is a type of power generation facility that uses natural gas or other gases, such as propane or methane, as a fuel source to produce electricity.

Case study

After experiencing multiple failures at their twelve-year old power generation facility, an 875MW Combined Cycle Power Plant sought to protect their valuable assets from potential future failures.

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Prevent unplanned downtime, revenue loss, and hazardous work conditions


Discover how to maximise revenue and ensure a safer working environment with IMI Insyt, our cutting-edge digital analytic tool that predicts and prevents plant failures. Download our brochure now for more information.