IMI Th Jansen

75 years of industrial valve design

For more than 75 years we have been designing and manufacturing bespoke valves for the iron and steel, petrochemical, water and power industries.



Our world leading solutions

We provide a range of shut-off and control butterfly valves used widely in the world’s harshest manufacturing environments. Renowned for their high quality, operational safety, low maintenance requirements and long-life cycle, they offer excellent performance in hot blast furnaces, coke ovens, gas recovery systems and air separation plants.

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Specialised valves for major industries

IMI Th Jansen facility demonstrates precise assembly techniques while crafting a high-quality valve, emphasizing precision engineering and commitment to quality.

Iron and steel

IMI TH Jansen’s air isolation and regulation valves are used widely in iron and steel production facilities. Our valve solutions are used in hot and toxic gas applications and gaseous and/or toxic media with high dust content. We also provide valves for gas recovery systems and ignition systems.

A robust, shiny metal ammonia storage tank with pipes and equipment is used in the petrochemical refinery for high-pressure iron storage.


With decades of experience supplying high-quality bespoke valve solutions for the petrochemical industry, technologies are tailored around the operating conditions of each individual plant. Our transfer line and decoking live valves are widely used in ethylene plants. Addtionally, we provide control valves for differential pressures and tank bottom valves for liquid and gaseous media.

Impressive combined cycle power plant, underscoring the significance of gate valves in controlling the movement of steam and gases.

Water and power

Clean drinking water and energy are vital to the health and well-being of a growing global population. We have extensive experience in developing valve technology for the power sector and provide butterfly valves for both nuclear and conventional facilities. In the water sector, we develop gate valves for isolation purposes and special systems to protect against corrosion.

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Aftersales support

Our global aftersales support team provides expert field service, repairs, spare parts, upgrades as well as long-term service contracts. This ensures that processes function safely and efficiently for the complete life cycle of your facility.