IMI Thompson Valves

60 years of fluid control

We design and manufacture high integrity solenoid valves and pressure regulators for critical applications in the industrial and defence sectors.

Our nuclear-class products have a global reputation for quality, reliability, and service.

Our world leading solutions

You can stand to benefit from the world-leading performance of our technology which performs reliably in some of the world’s most demanding environments. At IMI Thompson Valves we support you by developing bespoke solutions from our core product ranges based on over 2 billion hours of proven-in-use data.

We produce solenoid valves, testing systems, and regulators for global oil and gas applications, including pneumatic/hydraulic systems, HPU/HIPPS systems, actuators, injection units, and control panels.

Dependable instrumentation for critical applications

Workers in a refinery inspecting gate valves, essential for controlling the flow of oil and other fluids in the refining process.

Oil and gas

We manufacture solenoid valves, partial stroke testing systems and regulators designed for the world’s oil and gas applications. Our solutions range includes options for pneumatic and hydraulic systems, HPU and HIPPS systems, actuators, chemical injection units and process control panels.

IMI Thompson Valves provides durable fluid control and pressure reduction solutions, including regulators and sealed valves, with over 50 years of experience serving naval fleets


At IMI Thompson Valves, we have more than 50 years’ experience in providing high-quality technology to the world’s naval fleets. Our fluid control and pressure reduction solutions include regulators, and solenoid and bellows sealed valves, designed for long life, and reliable performance in the toughest of maritime environments.

This image of a lake and nuclear power station serves as a reminder of the critical importance of well-maintained flow control systems in ensuring safe and reliable operation.


Our nuclear class products can be found in over 100 nuclear power facilities worldwide. We provide a large range of nuclear class valves for PWR, BWR and CANDU type reactors which can also be used in waste management and decommissioning programmes. With our global  reputation for high quality, excellent service and reliability our technology also complies with ASME III and RCC-M nuclear class 1, 2 and 3 design rules.

Invisible yet crucial, the gas turbine electrical power plant relies on reliable actuators and control valves to ensure seamless and precise energy production.

Power generation

Our team has developed a fast-acting solenoid valve for specific use in turbine or process control that enables 6” (152.4mm) solenoid valves to close in fewer than 100 milliseconds. The extensive range of products are designed to suit different media pressures and material, all making use of our globally recognised SIL design.

Fuel tank at a petrochemical site with precision control valves regulating flow for enhanced safety and efficiency

Hydrogen and industrial gas

The use of hydrogen as a source of fuel was a key part of the 2015 Paris agreement and its use is set to grow from 2% of the energy mix to 18% by 2050. A rapidly growing demand for hydrogen and the growing number of applications will generate increasing demand for high pressure instrumentation. Thompson Valves are committed to supporting our customers in this emerging market.

Key Technologies

Maxseal smart solenoid valves

Our Maxseal Solenoid Valve portfolio provides you with world leading safety for control of both pneumatic and hydraulic-operated equipment. The valves range from ¼” to 6” (6.35 mm to 152.4 mm) with a large built-in safety margin and a force friction ratio of >10.

Key Technologies

Pressure regulators

The IVP range of spring and dome loaded and back pressure regulators are industry proven. They provide stable performance, leak integrity, extensive media capability, reliability and long life.

Key Technologies

Ashford range

Instrument manifolds are used on a number of plant systems to isolate instruments during maintenance periods and vent pressure trapped within isolated instruments. They are available in 2, 3 and 5 configurations with gland packed or bellows sealed valve options.

IMI Critical support team: Expert professionals in critical engineering solutions, providing exceptional service and minimising downtime.

Aftersales support

The Critical global aftersales service team has over 200 highly trained service technicians. We provide our customers with best in class aftersales support including 24-hour remote assistance, field service, repairs, parts and upgrades and long-term service contracts that ensure safe and optimum functioning of customer processes.

Company News

IMI Thompson Valves shoot into space

IMI Thompson Valves shoot into space after supplying engine valves for the Ariane 5 that carried the James Webb Space Telescope.