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150 years of power industry expertise

Discover world-leading safety, control, and shut-off valves exclusively designed for your needs in conventional and nuclear power plants and the process industries. Trust in our exceptional manufacturing capabilities to ensure the safety and efficiency of your operations.

Testing safety valve at IMI BuR site ensures reliable performance and protection against excessive pressure in industrial processes.

World leading solutions

Discover IMI Bopp & Reuther’s unparalleled expertise, refined over a century and a half. Our world-leading consultation and aftersales services are designed specifically for your application. Benefit from our in-depth knowledge of your processes and let us provide tailored solutions. Join our extensive customer base of 150,000 valve installations and unlock excellence today.

Commanding the view at Frankfurt's western harbor, a powerful plant stands tall, complemented by the River Main, chimneys, and industrial structures.

Standard and bespoke solutions for demanding industries

An IMI Bopp and Reuther engineer inspecting a safety valve installed at a plant in Europe.

Conventional power

Our high-quality technology includes valves and complete system solutions providing safe and precise control for steam and water systems in the following power generation facilities:

  • Coal fired power.

  • Combined cycle power.

  • Industrial power.

  • Combined heat and power.

  • Desalination.

  • Biopower.

  • Congregation power.

This image of a lake and nuclear power station serves as a reminder of the critical importance of well-maintained flow control systems in ensuring safe and reliable operation.

Nuclear power

At IMI Bopp and Reuther, we are dedicated to meeting your needs in the nuclear power sector. With our expertise in developing and manufacturing valves, we provide new and replacement solutions for upgrades, new projects, and special applications. Over the past 60 years, strong partnerships with the nuclear power industry have been forged, fostering continuous research and development for every customised solution we offer. This collaboration has directly fueled the ongoing expansion of our highly successful product portfolio.

Featured product

Safety valves

Safety valves are designed to prevent unwanted overpressure in pipe systems, pressure vessels and boilers to avert risks to people and the environment. They are set to higher pressure than the operating pressure of the system they protect and open once the set pressure is reached. Once they have successfully discharged the required mass flow they close…

Featured product

Control valves

Our high-quality control valves are used in all power generation applications operating at high temperatures and pressures. IMI Bopp and Reuther provide a complete range of valves that feature built in desuperheating and which can be used to reduce steam temperature and pressure precisely and safely.

Efficient cane industry factory produces high-quality sugar through a well-defined production line

Process industries

Our standard and bespoke technology is designed for all areas of the process industry sector including:

  • Chemical and petrochemical

  • Refineries

  • Polymer applications

  • Process steam systems.

Innovative technology like our new compact safety valves supports plant operators and engineers as they strive to lower operational costs and increase efficiency.

A control valve is a device that regulates the flow of fluid, gas, or steam in a system by opening or closing in response to signals from a control system.

Aftersales support

Our best-in-class 24/7 aftersales service is there to carry out regular planned maintenance on your behalf as well as expert valve refurbishment and repairs. By using state of the art robotic technology, we are in the position to perform many of these tasks directly on-site, saving you time and cost. Many of our safety, shut off and control valves are still being used after many decades of successful operation.