Flow control solutions for the water industry

Essential gate valves are employed in this state-of-the-art water treatment facility, facilitating the efficient management of potable water resources

Ensuring clean drinking water

Clean drinking water is a fundamental requirement for human health and welfare. At IMI Critical, we understand the urgent need for a continuous and clean water supply in a world with a growing population. Our cutting-edge solutions address water scarcity challenges caused by population growth and climate change.

We specialise in optimising desalination processes, ensuring the production of high-quality potable water in water-stressed regions. Furthermore, we prioritise the health of our natural ecosystems, developing sustainable solutions that minimise environmental impact.

With our superior products and services, we empower utility water companies to provide dependable access to clean drinking water while preserving our precious resources.

Cutting-edge reverse osmosis equipment: powerful pumps, advanced membranes, and a precise control system working together to desalinate water efficiently.


Our valves protect pumps, enhance power generation, and optimise water output. Perfect sealing, precise modulation, and trouble-free maintenance. Experience the power of reliability and efficiency.


Potable Water

Clean drinking water is essential. Our valves ensure reliable water treatment, minimize maintenance, and prevent contamination. Trust us for safeguarding water resources and maintaining pipework integrity.

Workers in a refinery inspecting gate valves, essential for controlling the flow of oil and other fluids in the refining process.

Global support

IMI Critical Engineering’s dedicated team of over 2,900 experts, manufacturing facilities spanning 12 countries and a global network service, is committed to delivering precision-engineered flow control solutions, expert installation, and lifetime servicing. With a deep understanding of the entire process that enables us to provide tailored solutions and ensure unparalleled reliability and performance.