Gas and Combined Cycle Power

Innovative flow control solutions for power plants

At IMI Critical, we understand the intricate nature of combined cycle power plants (CCPPs) and are committed to providing tailored solutions that optimise performance, enhance flexibility, and ensure long-term reliability.

An IMI Critical field service engineer inspects components at a CCPP, ensuring the safe and efficient operation of critical equipment and systems

Unique challenges

Combined cycle power plants (CCPPs) face intricate challenges due to their interdependent systems, including the need to maintain flexibility in power output to meet fluctuating energy demands. Additionally, reliance on natural gas as a primary fuel source exposes price fluctuations and supply chain disruptions. Stringent environmental regulations require CCPPs to adopt sustainable practices and reduce emissions.

These challenges highlight the urgent need for innovative solutions that optimise flexibility, address fuel vulnerabilities, and meet stringent environmental standards, all while preserving the advantages of CCPPs’ high efficiency and low emissions.

IMI Critical's advanced control valves can optimise natural gas power plants like this one, ensuring efficient and reliable fluid flow in gas turbines.

Unleashing the power of tailored solutions

With tailored solutions and cutting-edge technologies, IMI Critical empowers combined cycle power plants (CCPPs) to optimise performance and contribute to a sustainable energy future. Our expertise in power plant flexibility minimises wear on critical components, while fuel resilience solutions mitigate risks from price fluctuations and supply disruptions.

Through our advanced DRAG® technology, we ensure precise pressure regulation and protection against cavitation damage in feedwater pump controls. Complemented by our silencers and balance of plant valves, we enhance overall plant performance.

Our Valve Doctors™ are IMI Critical’s top technical experts who can help our customers solve the most demanding engineering challenges.

Design services

Our expert support team is here to guide you through every step of the process, from initial design to final installation.

The IMI Critical engineer inspects power plant flow control systems for performance and safety, and recommends the best solutions for optimal efficiency.

Service support

Our maintenance programmes provide peace of mind for the reliable and high-performance operation of your valves and actuators throughout their lifecycle.