IMI Truflo Italy

Isolation and control valves for industry

At IMI Truflo Italy we are a leader in the engineering and manufacturing of valves for the oil and gas, petrochemical, purified terephthalic acid and LNG markets.



Technician testing an IMI Truflo Italy valve, ensuring functionality and reliability in industrial applications.

Our world leading solutions

As a centre of excellence, we produce dedicated solutions for the world’s most demanding industrial environments and offer a full range of valve designs that we test in-house. We specifically design our solutions for use in severe service applications where safety and reliable performance are crucial.

We produce solenoid valves, testing systems, and regulators for global oil and gas applications, including pneumatic/hydraulic systems, HPU/HIPPS systems, actuators, injection units, and control panels.

Our global industrial flow control reach

Man on oil platform uses analytics to measure performance, monitor operations, detect anomalies, and optimize efficiency, safety, and profitability.

Oil and gas

With an excellent track record, our valve technology maintains first-class, long-term performance and reliability for onshore and offshore oil and gas facilities. Our high-quality products and expert engineers ensure that critical applications like gas to flare, gas booster stations, general flow control, and balancing pressure control operate safely, around the clock.

Cutting-edge control valves and actuators play a crucial role in the offshore platform's process, refining natural gas and chemicals with precision.

Refinery and petrochemical

We provide a wide range of valves to refining and petrochemical facilities across the world. Process licensed manufacturers frequently approve the technology solutions and install our valves to ensure world-class performance and easy, straightforward maintenance for various applications. Such examples include blow down and venting, fuel gas control and burners, slurry and build-up control and catalyst handling.

IMI Critical's advanced control valves can optimise natural gas power plants like this one, ensuring efficient and reliable fluid flow in gas turbines.

Water and power

The growing global population has a vital need for clean drinking water and energy to sustain health and vitality. At IMI Truflo Italy, we provide world-leading valve technology for the conventional and nuclear power sectors and the water industry. Key applications that stand to benefit include desuperheaters, steam venting, pressure reduction and desalination.

Key Technologies

Full range of valves

We offer a wide range of valve designs, including ball valves, MSV and DBB valves, tailored to your specifications. Our valves come in sizes from NPS ½” through 60″ (DN 15 through DN 1500), with pressure ratings of ANSI class 150 to 2500 and 4500, and API 2000 to 15000. They handle temperatures from -196°C to 650°C (-321°F to 1200°F).

Key Service

In-house testing

We perform tests in-house including high-pressure hydrostatic tests up to 1550 barg (155 MPa, 22500 psi), high-pressure nitrogen tests up to 1000 barg (100 MPA, 15000 psi), low temperature/cryogenic tests to -196°C (-321°F), high-temperature tests up to 800°C (1470°F), fugitive emission ISO 15848, and fire safe ISO 10497/API 607/API 6FA.

IMI Critical support team: Expert professionals in critical engineering solutions, providing exceptional service and minimising downtime.

Aftersales support

Provision of high-quality valves for use in some of the world’s most demanding applications as well as best-in-class after-sales support ensures they remain at peak performance. Our team of expert engineers are available around the clock to provide onsite support, troubleshooting and maintenance services.

Case Study

New layout design for HIPPS installation

IMI Critical’s Valve Doctors created a cost-efficient new layout design for a HIPPS installation without compromising on material quality.