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IMI Truflo Marine

IMI Truflo Marine has been a specialist in the design and manufacture of high integrity valves, actuators and pressure reducing stations for critical naval marine applications for over 60 years. Our products have an outstanding reputation for integrity and reliability in extreme applications, and we provide support through the life of a facility, from concept to decommissioning and disposal.

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Critical Applications

Naval marine

Naval marine

With over 120,000 valves in service in 24 navies worldwide, we have extensive knowledge and experience in designing and manufacturing valves for the naval marine industry. Our valves have the high flow capability and quick shut off vital to the functioning of critical systems on board. We can supply valves for any system on board a submarine or surface ship.

Surface Ship
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Our through life support packages provide enhanced material availability through stock holding and expedited production to meet urgent emergent requirements. In house trained specialists are available to carry out on-board inspections and repair services. A streamlined strip, survey and repair service provides fully traceable repairs and testing to customer specifications.