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Transmitter Isolation Valves

TI Series, 1”x 3”, 1”x 2”, 2-1/2”x 3” Flanges

IMI PBM’s Transmitter Isolation Valves (TIV) are specifically designed for any industry that must obtain pressure or level transmitter readings on tanks and vessels. Our valves are designed to ASME B16.34.


  • TIV valves feature minimal dead space which prevents build-up.
  • TI Series valves DO NOT have o-rings.
  • Available in 150#, 300#, & other sizes & pressure rating available.
  • Purge ports and optional milled flats enable CIP and drainage without process interruption.
  • Bolt pattern accommodates standard industry ANSI 150# & 300# flanged connections and retrofits to knife gate patterns.
  • Hardware configuration allows separate bolting of valve to tank and transmitter to valve as an additional safety measure for hazardous media.
  • Calibration port, CIP ports and locking handle standard.
  • Valves are design to ASME B16.34.

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