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Mechanical HIPPS

High integrity pressure protection system

Mechanical HIPPS is a complete safety system that operates in applications without an electric power source. The technology comes in two variations: Self-actuated pneumatic, when instrument air/gas supply is available. Self-contained hydraulic, with locally installed oil tank and manual pump.

HIPPS systems are a series of components, specifically engineered to isolate the source of dangerous high pressure instead of relieving the excess flow, in the case of an overpressure event. HIPPS is an independent and reliable Safety Instrumented System that is designed with high integrity as per established ANSI/ISA and IEC standards, in order to equal or exceed the safety performance of conventional safety valves.

  • No electric power needed.
  • Quick closing.
  • Designed according to API 6D or 6A.
  • No pressure drop across the valve.
  • Can be used on piggable lines.
  • Bi-directional flow.

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