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Hydraulic Powered Actuator (HPA)

For large forces and precise positioning

The HPA is a double acting actuator available with built-in electronic position transmitter for precise rod position feedback. The position transmitter is used for modulating actuators typically in controlling steam conditioning valves. For On/Off actuators, the open/close position is detected using limit switches.


Limit switches – Two adjustable limit switches installed on the actuator frame. The placement reduces the risk of damage caused by heat from the valve.

  • Linear transducer – As an option, the HPA can come installed with a linear transducer which feeds the actual valve position back to the positioner. The transducer senses the position of a magnetic ring installed at the end of the piston rod. The placement makes maintenance easier.
  • Junction box – Cables from limit switches are connected through a stainless steel junction box to the positioner.
  • Piston rod scrapers – Manufactured from high tensile carbon alloy steel, all rod and piston assemblies are designed to be fatigue free at full rated pressure. Metal scrapers come installed at both ends of the piston rod as standard. They are designed to scrape dirt, foreign particles, chips and moisture from the piston rod as it retracts into the actuator body.
  • Hose connections – Each actuator has two hose connections, providing inlet/outlet for the two oil chambers in the actuator housing
  • Surface protection – As standard, the actuator body and lower flange is painted with a corrosion protection system according to ISO 12944 C4, suitable for coastal environments. As an option, it can be painted according to ISO 12944 C5M, suitable for marine, offshore and coastal areas with high salinity. Yoke and seal ring are protected by a NIPRE® surface treatment. The piston rod is treated with a NiCr coating.
  • Hydraulic valve block (optional) – As an option, the HPA can be fitted with a valve block that includes the same components typically installed on the Hydraulic Valve Panel.

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