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Fluidised Catalytic Cracking Unit Fractionator Isolation Valves

Double disc through conduit – double block and purge

Our Double Disc Through Conduit (DDTC) gate valves boast the latest technology available. It offers true double block and purge performance within one valve body by means of two independent, separate shut-off discs. The design minimizes seat wear due to the internal split-wedge-ball device, which gives clearance to move and releases the seat-force prior to gate movement. The DDTC valve has been specially developed to handle abrasive media under high temperature, providing reliable, positive tight shut-off.

  • Double-Block and Purge shut-off (offers the same functionality like a blind flange).
  • Internal components kept clean of medium.
  • Seats protected, in both the open and closed positions, from erosion and coking medium.
  • Mounting orientation flexibility – horizontal, vertical, etc.
  • Stiff valve body protects against line loads.
  • Sizes from 6” to 100”.
  • Line Connections can be welded-in or flanged w/ blanking system.
  • Material specifications dictated by design and operating conditions.

Product Specifications

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