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Industry driven fugitive emission packing solutions

Fugitive Emissions (FE) are identified as the loss of volatile organic compounds (VOC). In industrial plants the common sources of fugitive emissions are equipment leaks, flaring, evaporation and spills. Valves account for approximately 60% of the total plant emissions. In refineries this value can increase to 70% and may come only from 1% of the total installed valves*. For this reason across industries there is an emphasis on effective fugitive emission valve stem packing designs and specific standards to regulate the testing and certification of different packing solutions. The leading industrial standard for FE testing is ISO 15848-1. Shell SPE 77-300 actually refers to ISO 15848 with regards to the testing of control valves. The standard fugitive emissions packing solutions available by IMI CCI and the 3rd party certification level are summarised on the adjacent page.


  • Protects the environment and the work place by providing ISO Class AM fugitive emission leakage protection.
  • An efficient solution that can be installed in a compact packing box without the need for external live loading.
  • Proven effective. ISO 15848-1:2015+A1:2017 3rd party certification is available for CC1 20,000 cycles, ( -46°C to +200°C), Class AM.
  • Available as an upgrade solution for installed IMI CCI 100D, 900 and 800 series product lines.
  • Fire safe option also available

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