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Dump Tube

System for dumping steam into a condenser

The dump tube is used together with a steam conditioning valve in applications, such as turbine bypass where steam is dumped into a condenser. IMI CCI has experts in the field of dump tubes, with experience from thousands of plants, that can provide support at the design stage.


  • The dump tube is welded to the steam pipe downstream of the bypass valve.
  • The dump tube is a fixed orifice, which reduces the bypass steam pressure down to the pressure of the condenser.
  • Our dump tubes are carefully calculated to allow it be used as flow meter.
  • Water-cooled condenser application – The dump tube is mounted in the condenser.
  • Air-cooled condenser application – The dump tube is mounted in the bypass line which is connected to a header going from the turbine outlet to the air-cooled condenser.


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