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AV: Volume Booster

Actuation accessories

The Volume Booster (model AV), available sizes 1?4” and 3?4”, is designed to meet high speed control valve applications. It produces a high volume boosting action and contains an integral stabilizing by-pass valve controlled by a screwdriver adjustment in the body. By opening this valve it is possible improve the stability of the pneumatic circuit made up of a positioner, volume booster(s) and actuator.


Exclusive manifold mounting system. It is a special STI application to connect our accessories. Fittings or nipples are not necessary as the connection is achieved using machined connection faces with sealing ‘o’ ring. This system saves time for assembly, reduces cost on items such as fittings, reducing inventory and the shortened dimensions save space.

  • Suitable for standard, offshore, sandstorm and copper-free ambient conditions.
  • Single and double acting actuators.
  • Low and high ambient temperature.

Product Specifications

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