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Angle Stem Tank Bottom Valves

Fire Rated AF Series 3, 1” – 6”

Two-Way Tank Bottom valves are suited for general purpose tank, vessel, and reactor applications. Angle Stem Tank Bottom Valves provide actuator clearance on jacketed or insulated vessels.


  • Fire Rated, tested to API-607.
  • AF Series Fire Rated Tank Bottom valves have o-rings.
  • Designed for applications where automation may interfere with tank head or jacket.
  • Pad radius facilitates efficient drainage and reduces the pocket area above the ball.
  • Stem assembly accommodates IMI PBM Direct Mount Actuation for accurate alignment and increased cycling life.
  • Valves meet B16.34 in appropriate materials and ends.
  • Valves are rated for full vacuum.
  • Certified Material Test Report (CMTRS) provided for weld pads and sanitary wetted components.
  • Surface finishes are achieved without the use of ADIs (Animal Derived Ingredients).

Product Specifications

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