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Guaranteeing performance and price predictability

Our lifecycle maintenance programmes maximise valve or actuator reliability and performance through the lifecycle of a plant, at a predictable cost.

Operators will have access to our highly trained and experienced field service teams, state-of-the-art repair centres, and the most advanced valve technologies. This is supported by our world-renowned Valve Doctors™, with product, application and process expertise.

Helping customers take back control

Contact your closest IMI Critical Engineering Aftermarket specialist for more information on lifecycle maintenance.

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Long Term Pricing Agreements (LTPAs)

Guaranteed prices and faster turnaround

Operators can enjoy significant savings in time and money with an LTPA. The LTPA defines the cost of replacement parts within the scope of the agreement, and the delivery time for these parts will be reduced from around a month to a few days.

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Long Term Service Agreements (LTSAs)

Quality and reliability of valve and actuator servicing

Operators can guarantee the quality and reliability of their servicing through an LTSA, which defines fixed rates for maintenance, repair or service by IMI Critical Engineering, as the original equipment manufacturer.

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Asset Management Programme

Maximising valve reliability and performance

Operators can achieve peace of mind by putting the maintenance of all or part of their installed base in the hands of IMI Critical Engineering. Under our Asset Management Programme, IMI Critical Engineering takes full responsibility for the specified valves and actuators for the duration of the agreement. All parts, field service and repairs to the specified valves will be carried out by IMI Critical Engineering for a fixed monthly fee. This advanced programme maintains maximum plant reliability and performance, and reduces the need for the operator to spend time and resources on the procurement process.