IMI Critical’s acclaimed Valve Doctor® program will celebrate its 20th anniversary in 2019. 

Originally conceived as a way to connect IMI Critical’s top technical experts and customers with demanding engineering challenges, the Valve Doctor® program has since become an established mentoring and development scheme, which helps IMI Critical attract and retain some of the best engineers in industry. 

The Valve Doctor® program takes on average 7 years to complete. It includes valve design, plant operation, system layout and control system integration delivered through a combination of traditional classroom style training, interactive training sessions, on-line training modules, “hands on” laboratory sessions, and one to one interview sessions with a Valve Doctor® or Senior Valve Doctor®.

Once qualified, Valve Doctors® are IMI Critical’s top technical experts. They operate on site wherever they are needed to solve process flow problems, and optimise plant performance, in power, nuclear, oil & gas and petrochemical plants around the world.

“The Valve Doctor® training programme is widely acknowledged as the highest level of application engineering in the severe service industry,” said Chris Peterson, IMI’s Valve Doctor® Program Chairman. 

Over 100 engineers have achieved coveted Valve Doctor® status in the last two decades and some even continue to work for IMI in retirement.