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Unlocking Future Potential: Ongoing success for IMI’s graduate scheme

Finishing university can be a challenging time. From the routine of university life to the relative unknown of full-time employment, the transition can take some adjusting for those leaving education. But the right graduate scheme can make all the difference, providing uncapped progression with an organisation with truly global reach.

IMI is a proud employer of graduates with a hugely successful and long-running graduate scheme. Some of the company’s most senior team members got their start at the company through the same programme, including IMI CEO Roy Twite, who joined as a graduate in 1988.


Changing the perception of engineering recruitment

The nature of IMI’s work makes STEM graduates a natural fit. This emerging talent is a core part of securing a successful and innovative future for IMI. However, the company also recognises diversity of thought as a powerful differentiator and actively seeks the skills and perspectives of those who’ve arrived at engineering beyond the traditional routes of study.

Of course, not all of our graduate intake is from the engineering discipline, and many have joined IMI and pursued successful careers in areas such as finance and HR. We recently caught up with recent graduates Ruby Jacob, Natalie Andrews, and Nicolas Bisordi to hear more about their experiences of IMI’s graduate scheme.


How was the transition from university life to work life at IMI?

Ruby: I moved from north London to Birmingham, so I think that was my main challenge, moving and settling into a new place. The job itself was a steep learning curve, but you receive all the support you could possibly need.

Natalie: At university, you manage yourself, and everything is done in your own time. It’s different when you join an established team at work. However, you’re so supported here at IMI by your placement manager, as well as your site, HR and others in your team. This makes the transition much easier.

Nicolas: The people here are very helpful and patient with the graduates, which helps in the transition. When I finished university, I had no idea what I wanted to do. The graduate scheme gave me the opportunity to try different roles and gave me a good perspective on how I could progress after full-time education.


Why did you choose the IMI graduate programme?

Natalie: IMI is keen on early careers, even as a global brand. There is a real spotlight and passion for IMI graduates to do well and to be the future talent. That was clear to me as someone with no engineering background and as an HR graduate.

Ruby: For me, it’s similar because progression was key when applying for graduate roles. It was clear that IMI cares about your success, and there are lots of opportunities after the scheme to develop your career.


What do you find most interesting about working at IMI Critical Engineering specifically?

Natalie: The most interesting aspect for me has been learning about engineering and the different ways this can create a better world. This has been quite an eye-opening experience and something I have found inspiring.

Ruby: I think for me, the most interesting thing has been working on research and development projects. Understanding how ideas translate to solutions in the field.


What have you enjoyed the most about the graduate scheme so far?

Natalie: The different people that I’ve met. I’ve woken up in the morning and been on the phone to someone from Singapore and then finished the day calling a colleague from California. We also have a network of grads which is great, as I’m able to speak with people of a similar mindset, age and who have similar interests.

Ruby: I’ve enjoyed being part of a Growth Hub project, which has been supported by a significant investment from IMI. It’s been exciting to see that idea take shape.


What would you say to graduates who are thinking about joining the scheme?

Natalie: I would say to the graduates joining the scheme, make the most of it and say yes to every opportunity that comes your way. You’ll get plenty of chances at IMI to go and visit different sites around the world.

Ruby: The experience and skills that you learn are so valuable, and I’ve personally received all the support that I need to get over those early learning curves. I’m constantly learning and growing and would fully recommend it to those leaving university.

Nicolas: I think if you’re up for a challenge, enjoy travelling a lot and trying different things, it’s a great opportunity. Approach it with an open mind, and you’ll soon find yourself involved with some impressive projects.

To find out more about IMI’s graduate scheme, visit:

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