The dangers of non-OEM parts

We strongly advise operators not to be tempted to buy replacement parts from third-party providers (non-original equipment manufacturers or non-OEMs). These may be less expensive than original parts but can have potentially devastating consequences for safety, productivity and performance as non-OEMs do not have the original drawings, process specifications and equipment to make the right replacement part for a valve.

In addition, the use of non-OEM parts on IMI Critical’s valves and equipment voids any warranties on our equipment, and we are unable to help service equipment that uses non-OEM parts.

For example:

  1. Non-OEMs can measure valve dimensions, but they can’t identify the tolerance ranges and geometric tolerances that are essential to good valve performance.
  2. Non-OEMs don’t have expertise in specific material treatments such as hardening methodologies, overlays, brazing technology, which require deep metallurgical knowledge and specialised test labs.
  3. Non-OEMs lack the metallurgical knowledge to select proper materials based on application vs. fluid requirements.
  4. Non-OEMs don’t have the expertise to conduct stress calculations to meet the wide variety of codes in operation. These require extensive knowledge of sizing, material and quality.
  5. Non-OEMs can’t replicate the trim (e.g. a disk stack) to meet system requirements regarding the overall flow values, kinetic energy and noise levels, without the original sizing tools used to design the trim.

By sourcing genuine parts, and employing our skilled field service technicians to carry out repairs, IMI Critical can maximise your valve’s life and performance, minimise downtime, and secure the safety of your personnel.

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