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The breakthroughs and challenges of 2021 at IMI Critical Engineering

As the year draws to a close, we’ve looked back at the last twelve months to celebrate the achievements of our teams, examine the challenges we’ve faced, and recognise how we can continue to best serve our clients.

The world around us is constantly changing, and 2021 was no different. Despite the difficulties posed by the ongoing pandemic and other factors, we have continually adapted to help our customers solve complex engineering challenges and optimise their operations.

We’ve used our breakthrough engineering talents to support new sectors and help customers make their workplaces safer, more efficient, and more profitable. Our Valve Doctors® have continued to assist teams in both person at sites and remotely using IMI Connect, providing expertise and maintenance guidance whenever it is needed.

We have launched new products in 2021, including EroSolve MMT, designed to tackle erosion in valves by corrosive products being processed. Our teams have also increased the number of installations for customers of Retrofit3D and dBX Shield orders, both fairly recent additions to our portfolio of problem solving products.

Our engineers have collaborated to find new ways to help customers achieve their end goal and solve industry challenges. For example, the Retrofit3D team recently helped an oil & gas customer in Nigeria to replace an undersized mini flow line valve, providing a drop-in cost-effective solution that avoided replacing the entire valve, to help the customer keep costs low. You can read more about how we have helped our clients this year on our case studies page.

The team here at IMI Critical Engineering are also planning for the future. We’re expanding our engineering and manufacturing capabilities with new factories and teams joining the workforce. We are also exploring problems in new industries including hydrogen and pharmaceuticals. Our new environmental goals include our commitment to use only green energy at our sites by the end of 2022, and our decision to become net-zero for emissions around the globe by 2040.  

Jackie Hu, Divisional Managing Director at IMI Critical Engineering, said: “It looks to be another busy year ahead for us as a team in 2022. Our strength is what makes us One Big Team playing to win in 2022 and beyond!”

We’re excited for 2022 where we will continue solving our customers challenges and use our breakthrough engineering for a better world.