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Experienced hires

Stefano Malacrida

Director – EMEA Marketing for IMI Critical Engineering

Stefano joined IMI CCI in Milan in February 2011 as Director, EMEA Marketing for the Critical Engineering division.

“IMI has offered me an amazing opportunity to grow and to challenge myself, and allows me to step out of my comfort zone. I was interested in IMI because of its global presence as an international, multicultural company, which has a structured and diversified presence within different growing sectors, and last but not least GREAT ambitions. The most unexpected characteristic that I have witnessed in my time at IMI is passion. From day one, it was easy to find yourself facing a challenge or road block, but at the same time, if you look around, you will recognise several people around you facing their own challenges, yet still showing an amazing passion for the work they do.”

Peter Kukla

Project Engineer, IMI CCI Brno

“I really like the way IMI treats new talents with systematic training programmes, huge opportunities for travel and usage of modern technology”.

Rob Coates

Chief Management Accountant, IMI Critical Engineering HQ

Chief Management Accountant, IMI Critical Engineering HQ

“Shortly after I started at IMI, I was given the opportunity to go out as part of a project team to Switzerland for four months. As a very junior member of a finance team, this was a fantastic opportunity I wouldn’t have got in a lot of businesses.”

Hari Babu

Global Product Marketing Manager, IMI Critical Engineering HQ

“I joined IMI in 2006 as an inside sales engineer and now it’s 11 years within the company. I have progressed from inside sales engineer to an application engineer to being an inside sales manager for Asia and from there on being a global product marketing manager”.


Yallene Thirukkumar

Strategic Project Manager, IMI Critical Engineering HQ

“Since joining IMI, I have developed both personally and professionally, it has pushed me out of my comfort zone.”

Yogi Yogalingam

Product Quality Engineer, IMI CCI RSM

woman giving guide in factory

Yogi joined us in 2011, originally as an intern. Her journey through the graduate programme has taken her from the UK and Poland to Malaysia and the USA. Having completed the programme, she’s just starting in her first full role as Product Quality Engineer with IMI Critical Engineering in California, USA.

“My attitude towards IMI has been fairly consistent throughout the programme. I know that this is the company that I want to be part of. I’ve received incredible support, both from the individual IMI businesses and from IMI centrally. Whenever I have any questions, my managers and colleagues take the time to sit down with me and explain certain topics to me. This has not only developed my knowledge, but it has also enabled me to carry out my placement objectives effectively.

“The most surprising thing for me was finding out how easily I was able to settle into a new environment. I truly thought that it was going to be difficult, but the support from IMI, the local business and the other graduates that were already there has been incredible.”​

Maya Otoum

Current IMI Graduate Trainee

Current IMI Graduate Trainee

“Being an IMI grad is just the dream job everybody wants when they’re in college. Not only do you get to use your degree in a day to day job but you also get to travel halfway across the world and fully immerse yourself in another culture.”