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New Saudi facility secures framework agreement

IMI Saudi Industry LLC’s Damman facility has signed its first Corporate Procurement Agreement with Saudi Arabian Oil Company.

Steam flashing tech will cut valve erosion

Angle and globe valves stand to significantly increase service life and alleviate costly erosion issues with new steam flashing technology.

Valve Doctors™ – The key to Breakthrough Engineering

Find out why our Valve Doctors™ are the key to breakthrough engineering for a better world and how they support our customers with complex…

Self-clean tech tackles control valve failure

Self-cleaning metamorphic trim products stand to alleviate expensive control valve failure caused by erosion from processing debris laden products.

3D Printing service to disrupt valve market

Find out how the use of an additive manufacturing service has the potential to revolutionise in-field control valve maintenance.

Capabilities unlocked by new Saudi facility

IMI Saudi Industry unveils new 5,000m2 facility in Dammam to supply innovative valve solutions and bolster local manufacturing capabilities.

Saving valves for global energy giant

Energy provider’s valve failures solved by IMI Critical using 3D printing. Retrofit3D solution optimised valve trims for process conditions.

Australian marine division expansion

IMI Critical Engineering is expanding its capabilities in Australia with the opening of a specialised marine division in Adelaide.

New valve stem packing design makes reducing fugitive emissions EEEasy

IMI CCI’s EEEasy-Seal™ valve packing fights fugitive emissions, reducing greenhouse gases efficiently and lowering maintenance demands.

Electrolyser powers region’s first hydrogen facility

IMI VIVO aids IAAPS in establishing a green hydrogen facility, advancing zero-carbon propulsion research, reducing reliance on grey hydrogen.