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The Innovative Thinking Behind DRAG® Technology

Find out how the industry changing DRAG® technology was developed by the IMI CCI team to enhance valve efficiency worldwide.

IMI Saudi Industry’s New Facility Secures First Framework Agreement

IMI Saudi Industry LLC’s Damman facility has signed its first Corporate Procurement Agreement with Saudi Arabian Oil Company

New Steam Flashing Technology Set to Reduce Valve Erosion

Angle and globe valves stand to significantly increase service life and alleviate costly erosion issues with new steam flashing technology

Valve Doctors™ – The Key to Breakthrough Engineering

Find out why our Valve Doctors™ are the key to breakthrough engineering for a better world.

Self-Cleaning Technology Key to Addressing Control Valve Failure

Self-cleaning metamorphic trim products stand to alleviate expensive control valve failure caused by erosion from processing debris laden products

New Additive Manufacturing Service set to Disrupt Flow control MRO Market

Find out how the use of an additive manufacturing service has the potential to revolutionise in-field control valve maintenance

Manufacturing Capabilities Unlocked by IMI Saudi’s new 5,000m2 Facility

IMI Saudi Industry LLC has unveiled a new 5,000m2 facility in Dammam to supply innovative valve solutions and bolster national manufacturing capabilities

EroSolve Metamorphic Trim

Find out how the new EroSolve Metamorphic Trim solves chronic valve issues like valve clogging, insufficient rangeability, gap flow issues and minimum controllable flow…


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How IMI Critical Engineering quickly solved complex choke valves requirements

IMI Critical Engineering quickly solved a complex client problem in the oil & gas industry with newly developed water injection choke valves.