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Upstream Oil and Gas

Prevent unplanned shutdowns, and ensure safe & reliable flow operations in the oil and gas upstream industry.

Oil and Gas

Our flow control solutions cover the oil and gas value chain, from upstream to midstream/ LNG processing and downstream distribution.

Unconventional allies: Supporting oil and gas

IMI CCI launches dedicated team to deliver shale choke valves in North and South America with a focus on customer needs and plug-and-play trim…

EroSolve MMT saves oil & gas producer £2 million a year

The EroSolve MMT valve trim saved North Sea oil & gas producer £2m a year by preventing production losses, reducing maintenance and downtime.

Remote maintenance at oil refinery in Malaysia

Remote assistance helped a Malaysian client’s refinery maintenance during the pandemic, minimising downtime and maximising efficiency.

Sand erosion solved with DRAG® wellhead choke

IMI Critical’s DRAG® wellhead choke solved sand erosion problems for a North American shale field in Canada.

Vibration control for oil production company in South America

How IMI CCI helped an oil production company in South America overcome their high vibration issues in their water injection control valves.

Angle valves installation at oil refinery in Australia

IMI Remosa solved an oil refinery’s challenge by proposing their state-of-the-art angle valve design for better sealing and easy maintenance.

Critical application issue solved at oil field in the Caspian Sea

We assisted Kashagan in converting their production wells to sour gas injection in Caspian Sea, ensuring existing parts interchangeability.

Increasing oil & gas production capacity in the Caspian Sea

We helped one of the world’s largest oil & gas terminals increase gas processing & export capacity in the Caspian Sea with valve upgrades.