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Sand erosion solved with DRAG® wellhead choke

IMI Critical’s DRAG® wellhead choke solved sand erosion problems for a North American shale field in Canada.

The global impact & longevity of DRAG® technology

How DRAG® technology reshaped the industry through multi-stage pressure drop, addressing cavitation, erosion, noise and vibration issues.

100DSV DRAG® Spray Water Control Valve

Find out how the 100DSV DRAG® Spray Water Control Valve can help your plant control steam temperatures safely, reliably, and efficiently.

HTR DRAG® Trim Upgrade

The next evolution in DRAG® technology

DRAG® Control Valves

Control valves for general applications

Valve technology available to reduce compressor surge risk

An integrated valve was developed to prevent compressor damage and downtime, optimising production and reducing emissions in the oil and gas industry.

Boiler feed pump recirculation valve replacement in India

IMI CCI’s 100DR solution helped Indian power plant reduce valve leakage and electricity consumption for boiler feed pump recirculation valve.


A leading provider of critical flow control tech, such as control valves and actuators across nuclear, power, and oil & gas for over 50…

Valve trim advances reduce cavitation

Control valve trim advancements, using 3D-printed components, combat cavitation issues, reducing costs and downtime in process plants.

Taking 3D printed valve parts to the next level

Korea site adopts 3D printer, revolutionising valve manufacturing with efficient metal part production, reduced waste, and short lead times.