Retrofit3D, IMI Critical Engineering’s high-performance valve trim upgrade solution that utilises state-of-the-art additive manufacturing methods, can now print some of the largest disk stacks in the world.

These new capabilities can produce valves up to 20” for applications like bypass and large anti-surge valves. This will help customers solve valve erosion problems that cause issues such as rangeability, cavitation, and noise.

Additive manufacturing, also known as 3D printing, enables Retrofit3D to respond to customer problems quickly with custom-engineered solutions. The technique enables engineers to manufacture the trim with ultra-high precision, while reducing the total cost of installation dramatically.

Unlike conventional refurbishments or like-for-like legacy valve replacements, Retrofit3D improves operational performance by applying a detailed engineered solution, whilst harnessing our revolutionary DRAG® technology. Every installation is also backed by a 12/18-month guarantee (12 months after installation, 18 months after delivery).

“The expansion in capabilities is an exciting development for Retrofit3D,” says Bertrand Maillon, Retrofit3D Business Leader. “We can now help even more customers solve their plant reliability issues and increase efficiency for their maintenance processes.”

Are you interested in the new Retrofit3D capabilities? Contact for more information. For a quick proposal, send your inquiry along with the valve top assembly drawing, datasheet, a short problem description with pictures of the damaged trim if available, and a spare parts list (or BOM). For further information, visit the Retrofit3D website.